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Divorced At 30, Debut Opposite SRK At 33: This Is Waluscha De Sousa’s Story!!!

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When we talk about India’s finest and beautiful woman model, Waluscha D’Souza name strikes first into our minds. Model has a flourishing and a very promising career, but as like work her home was not balanced in that way. She married with supermodel, Marc Robinson But with the each passing day her relationship gets into turmoil.

Speaking about her personal life the model revealed about her bitter relations with her husband saying that she fell in love with him at the age of 19 and in 2002 we both got married. Soon after I become mommy of three kids and left my modelling career, as I was required more at home than at work.

Although seeing the priority the model had almost completely let off her career(temporarily) for her family, till her kids grow up. But still her husband demanded more and more dedication towards her family by trampolining her modelling career thoroughly.

Telling about the reason of her divorce she said his interference was gone beyond tolerance into her career, which he wanted her to completely say byeee to her career for always. . Even he always wanted me to stay away from my friends too.. which was highly suffocating.

Imposing too many restrictions, and always keeping stalk or eye on someone can never keep the person on track rather it will derail him or her from their track easily. So, was the reason of getting separated from him after 10 years of marriage.

Model was getting nervous and panicky too as She’s been away from the spotlight for so long now the numbers are getting added to her age which was not a good sign for being in the list of leading models. we too adore her much to her elegant style.

But her Bollywood debut at the age of 33 surprised everyone. She took baby steps back into the spotlight, and debuted opposite Shah Rukh Khan with his film “Fan” and all we saw is a super-positive person, who’s not letting anyone or anything get her down.

Shah Rukh told it is ridiculous to get trapped in the ageism . What we have to understand is, an actor should be appropriate for the character . And Waluscha was perfect for the role.” News even says she can be seen playing into lead role in Dabang 3. SRK’s girl flaunted at Vogue Beauty Awards by sporting in a classy black gown.

This is exactly how she prefers ranking on the style-o-meters through most of her outings.
She believes ,my marriage might have ended, but I feel that all these years down the line, I have evolved as a strong woman and as a person. Who is enjoying every bit of moment with her three kids raising them alone.