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Sridevi’s latest pics which created murmur about her lip surgery!!

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Getting Plastic surgery done has become a matter of choice these days by our Bollywood actresses. All are in race of standing exclusively unique from each other. Our 90’s epic actress Sridevi was looking something different at Director Anurag Baasu’s home.

Actually Sridevi and her husband Bonnie Kapoor were invited for Saraswati Pooja at Anurag Baasu’s Home . Where the actress was looking strikingly different in her latest pics.

Few days ago rumours of her Lip surgery were in the corner. But actress latest Instagram pics, turned rumours into fact when she was spotted at Anurag’s home in a strikingly different manner. Her pictures are rapidly getting viral over social media sites.

Sridevi actress and wife of filmmaker Boney Kapoor, Sridevi still manages to outclass young actresses with her fashion statements.

The actress was standing close with her husband at an event and her lips were looking a bit augmented. All the camera’s turned towards Sridevi to capture her in her new looks after undergoing lip surgery.

The actress normally remain very cautious about her dressing sense and fitness, but that day she was spotted in black shades, her face cut was looking entirely different due to lip surgery.

Kangana Ranout was also invited at the Director’s home for Saraswati pooja.