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Shruti Haasan’s Exclusive Love For Footwears!!!

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Born on 28th Januray Shruti Haasan is an Indian film actress and singer who works predominantly in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi language films.

Shruti hasan is the daughter of veteran actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika Thakur who has received three Film fare Awards and has established herself as one of the leading actresses of South Indian cinema. Recently the actress has celebrated her 32nd birthday on January 28th with great pomp and show.

Born at Chennai she has finished her early education from Abacus Montessari school. Soon after she left for Mumbai for her higher studies. She entered in Bollywood industry with her debut in the movie “Luck”. Apart from being a good actress, she has a melodious voice and has composed many musical videos . The actress is multilinguistic knowing 8 languages in all.

Unlike other Bollywood actresses who have love for clothing , Shruti Haasan has inclination more for footwear and shoes. She loves piling of footwear’s in her wardrobe. And she says her collection of footwear will be raised higher with her raising career graph. Eldo and Gas are her best shopping destinations.

The actress is very choosy when it comes to selecting make- up brands, she always prefer to go for MAC and Benefit cosmetics. These two cosmetic brands has really resulted in enhancing the actress’s beauty over the silver screen and helped the actress in making up a permanent place in the heart of her fans.

Her personal Instagram account is well tinted with her latest poses, which she keeps sharing with her fan followers, who love watching Shruti in different outfits. Her inbox is filled with plenty of appreciating comments.