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“Telly superstar Ronit Roy was once the Body Guard Of The Actor- Aamir Khan”!!!

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At some point in our lives we have aspired to be at the dreamland “ Bollywood”. It’s too difficult to be in the industry where thousands of extremely talented individuals try their luck everyday. Its is not easy when you do not have any Godfather or inside connection in the industry. Whereas star kids have an easy entry. However there are some personalities whose hard work and perseverance, break all constraints and achieve their goals. While others taken failure as their faith and switched away.

Let’s talk about the famous telly star who struggled really hard before establishing his name among all the TV and Big screen fans- he is none other than “Ronit Roy”. Whose acting is not only limited to the TV screens but extended also to the silver screen . Speaking in an interview Ronit revealed the fact that once upon he was responsible for Aamir’s security for two years. I worked as a body guard to Aamir, when i was struggling hard to get entry in the Bollywood . He explained all his hardships and hurdles he faced during his struggle time into the industry.

Praising about the acting skills of Aamir Khan he said Aamir personifies dedication and hard work. Those two years were the real learning ground and the valuable years of my life. I never wanted to disclose this before, because Aamir would not feel that i am using his name for the sake of publicity and fame.More than a good actor Aamir Khan is a very genuine human being, he added.