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Ameesha Patel Announced Publically, Annoyed Parents To Be In A Relationship With A Man !!

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Ameesha Patel gave her first Bollywood debut in 2000 “Kaho na Pyar Hai”, starring opposite to Hirthik Roshan, the film was a big hit which has given well recognition to her. Ameesha was highly appreciated in the movie not only beauty wise but also acting wise too.

40 years old actress Ameesha is still single and hunting seriously for his dream man. Let us take you close to the news about her Controversial affair with an ace director Vikram Bhatt with whom she was in a live-in –relationship for a couple of years.

Living with him had made her fight with her parents, as her parents never supported her for it. But Ameesha hardly cared for her parents and went against their wish to live with him without marrying him.

But here, Vikram Bhatt threw the media into frenzy when he announced his affair with former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen in the 90s, which eventually died a natural death after five years. It was apparently his relationship with Sushmita Sen that broke his marriage with childhood sweetheart Aditi. he had contemplated suicide after his break up with Sushmita blaming no one, but himself causing wrecks into his own life.

It made him so depressed, that he could not focus over his career well. Relationship demands understanding, compromise and I find myself unable to do that. He regret’s abandoning his family and causing pain to his wife, took divorce not for the love but for the lust he has for Sushmita Sen when he got attracted towards her Sushmita was only 20 and he was 27.

And the director moved on to a much younger Ameesha Patel after his break up with the Sushmita. He confessed that his life was a great mess, blaming himself for all. The director was sure about marrying Ameesha, and would wait for her till she gets prepared ,added this note.