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A Blow After Coming To Know About Mallya’s Daughter- Sameera Reddy!!!!

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Vijay Vittal Mallya (born 18 December 1955) was once an Indian business tycoon who is the subject of an extradition who has been arrested on April 18 in London, produced in a metropolitan court and even granted a bail.

Once called the “King of Good Times” Mallya was knon for his extravagant lifestyle, and his interests in the girls .His companies have been involved in financial scandals, since 2012. Mallya left India on 2 March 2016 to Britain to be closer to his children. Indian banks are trying to collect approximately ₹9,000 crore(US$1.4 billion) of loans from Mallya who has allegedly routed to gain 100% or a partial stake in about 40 companies across the world.

Agencie like Income Tax Department and the Central Bureau of Investigation are investigating Mallya for charges including financial fraud and money laundering.

A special bond with Sameera Reddy
We will let you know the fact which was not known by many of the people so far that one of his picture with the actress Sameera reddy got viral over the social media site and was taken allegedly. But Mallya considers Sameera as his daughter and done Kanyadan for her during her marriage, so she holds the place as a daughter of Mallya in his life.

His Interests for girls and his affairs
Vijay Mallya once known as the ‘King of good times’, was the living avatar of the motto ‘Work hard, party harder’. We all are aware of his love , nightlife, and hanging out with cute young girls. He was a person full of romance who believes in leading a lavish lifestyle. He has been married twice (or thrice?) earlier and Ms Lalwani is suspected to be his third wife.

Sameera Tyabjee
In 1986, while travelling to the USA on an Air India flight Mallya met air hostess Sameera Tyabjee, and both fell in love and married each other.. Together they had a son named ‘Siddharth’. But got divorced few years later.

Rekha Mallya
In 1993, suddenly his love for his childhood friend Rekha aroused when he came to know the news about her splitting from husband. He soon proposed her and they both eventually got married. Rekha had two children from her previous marriage- -Laila and Kabir But again they both realised that they are not meant for each other and separated soon from each other.

Pinky Lalwani
Pinky Lalwani is a former Kingfisher Airlines employee who remained with f Vijay Mallya during his blue times It is also said that the both had tied the knot secretly. Earlier Lalwani has been spotted several times with Mallya’s mother and at parties hosted by Mallya. Couple had two daughters- laaina and Tanya.