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Amala Paul become the victim of sexual harassement!!!

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South Indian actress Amala Paul has issued a public statement against a businessman for harassing her sexually during her dance rehearsals earlier this month at Malaysia.

The accused has approached her with ill-intensions who was a member of an organised sex racket. Apart from Amala, he got all the contact details of the other actresses who were the part of that show which happened earlier this month.

The accused was asking her for special dinner date after the event. On questioning why did he want to have a special dinner with me. He escaped saying that he just wanted to discuss about the event and many more such events to be held on. Finding something fishy , I informed my staff to come for my rescue. This suspected man was kept waiting outside my studio to get the positive reply. . He was ready to trade me off like a meatloaf.

But after seeing my staff members approaching towards him, he immediately trying to escape himself by saying that she can even say” no”, it was not a compulsory one to go with me for the dinner.After pushing my team members aside he just wanted to elope from the place, but he failed and was caught by my team members and was handed over to the Mamangalam police station T Nagar and lodged a FIR against him.

Appreciating her act of bravery an actor “Vishal” supported her fully, saying it is the duty of every woman who is undergoing any type of sexual abuse to come upfront and Speak loudly and take a stand for herself. Actor wrote on her tweeter account thanking Vishal for assuring me I must not let it go.