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Meghna Naidu To Be Seen In The Bengali Film After Over A Decade!!!!

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Bollywood actress Meghna Naidu’s last project in Bengali was the 2004 film “Coolie”, is about to return to films after 10 years. She is now shooting for the Bengali movie titled “Sitara”. She is equally elated with her come back in the entertainment industry after a decade, said in a statement.

Speaking about her role in the film , she said she will be named Lakhonna who is seen in bold characters, and this time she will also be seen playing a sex worker. Which will be helping in trafficking or smuggling goods from India and Bangladesh, as well as sex workers(flesh trade worker).

This is the story of the period when things used to be smuggled from India and Bangladesh. She has mostly worked in B- grade hindi films, who is unexpectedly landed in Bangla Industry. She has worked in South’s films too.

Meghna said that Bangla is a very sweet language, but it was difficult for her to speak. This film will be a special experience in itself. This film will be accompanied by Ramia Sen, M. Nassar and Zahid Hassan.