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Glamour US Model Elle Johnson Banned From Instagram For Her Raunchy Pictures!!!!

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Social media platform has the potential either to raise you up or can fall you down in an overnight.

The same thing happened with one of an Instagram model named as Elle Johnson, from the US due to her habit of showing too much sideboob . She is banned twice from instagram due to flashing too much of her private parts.

This model has more than 450,000 followers over the social media, and instagram has blocked her for “violating community guidelines”. Her photo content is too adult to be displayed on the Instagram.

Once She was blocked in the month of Janauray and then in April. The model made a return with a set of explicit pictures.

She adores to post her body in see-through bikinis and lingerie. She continued: ‘There are a lot of Instagram models who goes beyond nudity ,and i don’t think I’m on the high end of the racy scale she added. And definitely not at the low end even , I am probably between 7-8 on the racy scale.

The model believes that women’s have the rights to express their bodies and began her own campaign ‘free the cleavage’. She blamed Instagram that some people are more equal than others, there should not be a selective enforcement of Instagram community guidelines. After expulsion from Instagram , now she is seeking support from twitter , twitter is now more at the beneficiary end than Instagram.