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Kavita Kaushik’s Saoaking Figure Set Beach Water On Ablaze!!!

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Kavita Kaushik is a Telly actress who did television debut with Ekta Kapoor’s Kutumb, who become a household name after portraying in Chandramukhi Chautala on SAB TV sitcom F.I.R. This role had brought the desired TRP to the show as well as gave her a way to establish herself in the Indian television industry.

37 year old telly actress is currently holidaying with her husband Ronnit Biswas in Goa. She shared her hot and sexy pictures over the social media site, clad in a bikini.

In one such picture she is evidently showing her cellulite for a cause to send out a message for women to embrace their body blemishes and never feel shy about whatever they wanted to wear as long as they are comfortable with their skin.

She was in a bikini wearing a net shrug over it which was drenched totally helping her to show off her all body parts which she wanted to show all…She wrote a message- for all fabulous ladies that you are all beautiful/sexy/cute/pretty/ etc in your own desired ways. Lets lift each other up, and feel more powerful !