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When Jackie Shroff Slapped 17 Times Anil Kapoor!!

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When you are in acting you have to undergo many types of sufferings, the diamond looks diamond only after undergoing countless hitting, so is the case with the Bollywood actors. They pay big bucks to just look glamorous.

Both the actors have worked together in several movies like ‘Ram Lakhan’, ‘1942: A Love Story’, ‘Kabhi Na Kabhi’ and ‘Parinda’. The rapport between these two seasoned actors shared on the screen have always been miraculous and blessed with the fans blessings.

During an interview with an entertainment channel on TV, Jackie Shroff revealed that he slapped Anil Kapoor 17 times during a shooting for the movie “ Parinda” in 1989. Director VidhuVinod Chopra was pleased with the scenes, but actor Anil Kapoor urged to continue taking re- takes , as he was dissatisfied with the shot.

It made Shroff to slap him 17 times, but he Shroff revealed that the slaps were not hard enough to made Anil fall on the floor.
He said that in 1989 while shooting for the movie ‘Parinda’, the scene required him to slap Kapoor 17 times.