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Post Marriage Career Of Some Actresses Falls Sharply!!!

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All of us follow some or the other Bollywood actresses in our hindsight and unknowingly we make them as our idealists and start following them . Today we will list out few such actresses over whom the fans had a huge crush. But soon after their marriage, either they eloped and have to sit back at home or left their career completely by trampling over the emotions of their fans.

Bollywood actress Neetu Singh started her career as a child artist. The actress started dating Rishi Kapoor at the age of 14 and got married when she was just 21. And since from then she said bye to the entertainment industry.

“Ram Tere Ganga Maili” and Aakhiri fame Actress Mandakini also said complete bye to her acting career soon after her marriage.

Famous Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna, married our onscreen Khiladi Akshay Kumar. And gone off screen for always after Mela claimed a flop at box office .
Twinkle realised her talent that she is more comfortable in writing rather than acting. So, now she has established herself as a renowned author and enjoying doing the work which gives satisfaction. Acting might not have her passion, so she fails.

Meenakshi who ruled the screen in 80’s. and given some super hit movies such as Daamini and “Ghaatak”. But the actress completely separated herself from the big screen and said bye for always after wed locking with a banker . After marriage a girl has to remain committed towards her primary relations, most of the ladies can not endure responsibilities both at work place and at home, so giving up is the only option left for them.

Beautiful actress of 60’s and 70’s Sayara Banu tied a knot with the legendary actor Dilip Kumar and gone away from the big screen forever. She sacrificed her career since because at that time Dilip ji’s Career was at peak in the industry. So she took over the household responsibilities over her career, for the smooth running of their family life.