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Shradha Kapoor Has Three Cricketers As Her Die Hard Fans !!!

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Born on 3 March 1987 (age 31), Shraddha Kapoor the daughter of actor Shakti Kapoor began her acting career with a brief role in the 2010 heist film Teen Patti. She primarily works in Hindi films. followed by Teen Pati, she appeared in a lead role in” Love Ka The End” , and Aashiqi 2. The later film made her an overnight celebrity immediately after her release. And registered her name in the queue of Bollywood hit actresses. Her fans list go on adding.

The actress is multitalented, along with acting skills, she posses singing as well as dancing skills. She has given voice in many of her films. In the film Baagi also she sung “ sab tera”. So , we can say that she has a melodious voice as a gift of god.

She is highly active over the social media site, keeps sharing her beautiful pictures with her fans . She has caught up the hearts of many Bollywood actors with her effortless charm, and alongwith a beautiful smile.

Let us tell you some hidden fans about her fans . There are three cricketers who desperately wants to date with her these are – S. Rahul, Ravichandran, and Bhuvneshwar who stands among her craziest fans.

In an Interview, Ravichandran expresses his deep desire to carry Shradha Kapoor to desert Island on a dream date.