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“Mental Hai kYA” posters take craziness to a prime level!!

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Two separate posters of Rajkummar Rao and Kangana Ranaut starrer ‘Mental Hai Kya’ were revealed. One featuring Rajkummar and other featuring Kangana.

In one poster, Rajkummar can be seen with tape all over his face, with a bloody crime scene in the background. Whereas in another poster is Kangana lying in a swimsuit with a chalky border making it more wackier. However, she carries happiness on her face making everyone wonder how the movies could be. Hard to hold everyone’s excitement for the film taking craziness to a new film level.

After the realease of third poster , it is bound that the movie will be a real mind twister for the audiences. In this Rajkummar is seen cutting apple with his bloody hands, whereas Knagana is seen with a big knife cutting the burnt toast.

The film is ready to go on floor for the shooting. First schedule of the film would be shooted in Mumbai, whereas another half would be done in London. The film is directed by the Prakash Kovelamudi under the production of producer Ekta Kapoor. The director become the recipient of National film fare for the film Bommalattam.