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Actress Dress Got Torn, Humilation At The Event, Awful Situation!!!

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The more you stripped, the more you will become popular and more fame comes at your door. Very recently a name adds on to it of the famous British model and actress Emi Vilerton. Her dress got torn in an important event. The actress got humiliated and become victim of oops moment.

The actress cringes away from the event due to her tight dress, which got torn in front of all. She remains in news due to her nude boldness. Lets catch up her few pictures.

She reached at the military award events, in which she was looking stunningly sexy as said by English website. Where her beautiful sexy dress got torn which brought a moment of embarrassment to her and to all. She was quite unaware about her oops moment , but as soon as she got to know she started hiding her and seems escaping from the scene.