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Ileana D’Cruz Revealed Some Hidden facts Against Casting Couch!!!

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Bollywood actor Ileana D’Cruz while speaking to media discussed the issue of sexual harassment, casting couch against producers and directors.
Actress is busy promoting her new film, Raid, in an interview with Bombay Times. Ileana said, “It might sound cowardly, but I do agree the young actors speaking aloud about casting couch issue, will adversely end their career.

Years ago, a junior artist approached me , seeking an advice on how to deal with it. I told her boldly it is complete her decision and that nobody could force it on her. It’s up to her whether she wants to go ahead or not.

Speaking with regard to sexual harassment, she said “As far as exploitation and harassment is concerned, I wouldn’t stand for it.
If an A-list star is accused of something like this, you will require a large man force to come forward, including A-list actresses and actors, to take an action against him.

I hate Kevin spacy show , since because as a person he has been accused against sexual harassment and I hate passionately for such ugly side of a person.

After the Me Too movement in Hollywood following shocking revelations of sexual harassment, and worse, against producer Harvey Weinstein come up.

A stream of Indian actors, Bollywood and from the south, have been speaking about how our industries function and casting couch.