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Earn In Lakhs While Sitting Home Salman Khan Announces For His Fans!!!

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After Big Boss reality show, Salman Khan is coming up with a new TV show “das ka dum”. Posted on Instagram his new promo will bring excitement and fun for the audiences.

He urges his audience to download Sony Live App, by which his viewers can participate in the show das ka dum while sitting at home only. If for everything there is an app, then why not app works between you and me?

After downloading the app, audiences will be asked many questions relating to their personal life, which would be divided into 40 levels. The person playing for maximum level would be given more marks. And he would be eligible for playing for the next level. At every level there will be some questions relating to our own country. And leaderboard will make a record of the exact ranking of the users.

The participant will also get a chance to make fun video with the actor Salman khan. Before the release of this promo, Salman Khan was seen telling his fans to speculate more, when is my come back, from where, and why I’m coming back?