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Alka Yagnik’s daughter Syesha Kapoor Hukka Pictures Getting Viral !!

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The 27 year old girl Syesha Kapoor the daughter of 90’s popular singer Alka Yagnik is a co-owner of Boveda Bristro Restaurant in Andheri. She runs this restaurant with her two childhood friends.

Syesha has done MBA from London School of Marketing. Neither she had plans for singing nor getting into the Bollywood industry, because she believed she doesn’t have the Gift of God like her mother does.

So being a restaurateur she has been successful so far. Like other star kids she is another party pop who remain highly active over the social media site platform, throwing beautiful uploads. And has been captured many times smoking Hukka. These pictures are spreading over the internet like a wildfire.

Alka and father Neeraj Kapoor got married in February 1989 and were blessed with the only daughter in the same year. Due to different work fields and professional commitments Alka used to stay in Mumbai, while Neeraj lived in Shillong, so they had decided to just remain on “friendly terms”. So the daughter stayed with her mother.

Syesha Kapoor recently got engaged to her boyfriend Amit Desai on December 25. And wedding bells would be soon heard.