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Lisa Appleton flashes her bum in latex outfit on a shopping spree to a sex shop!!

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Hollywood Reality TV star Lisa Appleton is always in buzz for her seductive looks. Stuff in Black pool today as she flashed her bum during sex shop spree in her latex outfit.

The 49-year-old former body builder Lisa first made her name in showbiz when she appeared as a Big Brother housemate in 2008.

The star is rolling around in spaghetti and other hilarious photo shoots and made all heads turned up as she flashed her bum in skin-tight lingerie.

She always keep sharing such bold pictures over the social media site platform Instagram. She gave a seductive smile as she carried bags of sex shop goodies down a black pool street. Her knee high black boots were completing her looks.

She was giving cheeky poses before the camera, putting her hands on her hip making her bum hanging out and smiled seductively outside the sex shop.