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When Shahid Kapoor Was Evicted From Home By Meera, Was Forced To Stay In Hotel!!

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The cutest and charming couple of Bollywood Shahid Kapoor and Meera Rajput has taken off the curtain from a much suspicious fact. This suspicion has given rise to many rumors’, with regard to their relationship.

While doing the Shooting for Padmavat , Shahid Kapoor was super busy those days Meera has expelled him out to stay in a hotel for some days!! But the reason of expulsion was not any kind of turmoil in their relationship, but had a logical reason behind it.

Shahid used to get back home in the morning at 8am, while getting back from the shot he gets dead tired, and he had to sleep till 2pm in the afternoon.

But Meera confessed that this time period was the most active period for their daughter to play… So, she said, I can’t even put a control over Meehsa’s routine as well as can’t afford to bother shahid also during that time.

So the best solution I could find was to make him out for few days, so that neither Meesha nor Shahid’s routine get disturbed. So, was the reason of Shahid’s stay in a hotel.
So, we deeply love each other, and care for each other Meera’s confession to the suspicious audience!!