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Factors Determining Kids Intelligence

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A cat raised in the laboratory is not afraid of dog, where as a domestic cat will be afraid of the dog. The reason behind it is the laboratory raised cat has not developed the fear genetically, whereas domestic cat fear is acquired through reinforcement. Based upon the research it has shown that if we are genetically primed, unless fear is triggered by environmental experiences, the genetic potential will not be realized. Likewise without the genetic potential, environmental experiences may not be sufficient. Similar is the case with the child’s intelligence which is determined by many factors. So here we go…

Biological intelligence

The word biological signifies with what a person inherits from his or her parents through genes and it predisposes the person to a certain degree of development. The second refers to the continuous functioning of his senses, body, reflexes which depends largely over the age and physical state of a child and it grows with the age such as fine motor skills, sight and grasping which means a child has reached to some physiological and psychological maturity in order to make them evident.

Genes and environment both equally play their role in developing the child’s intellectual intelligence. Off course genes play chief role, but however the environmental effect of stimulating intelligence among the kids can never be ignored.

The role of parent in the development of child’s intellectual abilities is never ending. So being a parent never deviate from your duties as the effect they are able to have on the child’s intelligence is greatest at the beginning. Environment plays its role when the brain is open to influences and effect is more at the youngest age. It does not imply that nothing can be done if a child grow older, there is a great degree of scope when the parents are able to do throughout the course of their child’s life. However the effect would be everlasting if done at the beginning of your child’s life.