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Why are some people afraid of making love?

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As long as we do not value and love ourselves, we will feel afraid of losing our self in a relationship. So loving and valuing yourself first is prior most to be in any relationship without the fear of losing someone in love.
Being in a relationship is one of the best experiences of anyone’s life. However, not everyone would agree to this. No matter how romantic the idea of being in love might be, but there are people who are scared of being in a relationship. Such people are called as anti-romantics . But what makes these people stay away from this beautiful experience?

Let’s through a light at its causes:

Research based study says, people suffering from love phobia do not fear being in love but they suffer from the fear of being reckless, if it turns turmoil. This fear limits them in controlling their emotions and falling prey to it. Some people anticipate love as a wreck, which might leave them alone wandering in an island . So, they think that they are safe if they do not fall in love.

Love versus trust

When we are in love, or in any kind of relationship, trust should be foremost and it’s easy to love a person you trust, then trusting a person you love. You are putting your happiness in someone’s hand, it requires tremendous amount of trust. So trust and love should never be confused.


Displeasures or dissatisfaction of falling in love can be a life-altering experience. So some people spares themselves falling again into it, so they deliberately stay away from making love again in order to ensure that they will remain safe in future, means will not suffer from pains of detachment anymore.

Failing family

According to experts, people from fragmented families have trouble falling in love or being in a relationship because they have grown up seeing their parents, elders fighting each other. So, it makes them lose faith in love and develops a self-notion of staying away from love so that they do not end up with the same results which their parents have been into.