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After PC’s Father’s Demise, She Possesses His Necklace, And Ring close To Her Heart!!!!

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Priyanka Chopra is the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant is an Indian actress, singer, and a philanthropist, Who got shattered after his father’s death to whom, she was very close.
She collected the fragments of her past memories and went ahead built a history by establishing herself not only in the Bollywood, but also making a notch in the Hollywood.

She is back to country after completing” Quanta season 3” shooting. She mostly remains out of country due to her busy shooting schedules, but whatever times she gets to spend, she better nails it with her family.

The pain of staying away from the family has been brought an end by keeping some materialistic memories with her which never makes her feel away from her dearer family.

Check out the list of things which the actress keeps:
Family photo
This is the one which keeps her intact even if she is away from her family.

Spiritual Necklace
At the time of her father’s death, he was wearing this necklace. After his death she acquired this necklace with varied spiritual droppers. You will always find this necklace hanging around her neck as a remembrance to his dad.

She keeps an aromatic candle with herself linked with beautiful memories of past.

Diamond Ring
This ring was presented by her father at her 28th birthday. Which
is of 7 carrot .

Diana PC has adopted a dog named Diana whom she met at one set. She got carried away so much that the dog, that she adopted her.