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Tips to raise daughters to become happy and confident woman!!!

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Does girls should have six-packs? Should not they wear clothes of their own choice? Looking pretty should be must in a girl’s diary? These are such questions which immediately strikes when a girl is born in a family. We start anticipating her future in our own ways, because of our over protective nature and considering them a weaker section.

Do you really think it works when we talk about matters like women empowerment, gender equality and feminism, household chores?

Oh wait, girls today are unstoppable and can achieve whatever they aspire for in life. They are the master of their own life and can follow your dreams.

Hence, here comes the role of good parenting that can help a girl child to find her way out of all such challenge, and become a confident individual.
I being a mom of 5year old girl child will be sharing some raising tips to make daughters a content, independent and confident person. Here are some of my insights:

Help her in making her own choices
“I want my five-year-old daughter to grow up making her own choices not being influenced by the society, friends, family or even her parents. I give enough freedom to make decisions based on her own likes and dislikes.

Once she was asked by her friend about her favorite color. She thought for a while and chose pink. But I realized she did so only under the influenced of her friend because otherwise her favorite color is blue. I politely taught her that it is completely okay to make your own choice and have different opinions from others. Never follow others, unless you feel there is actually something good to be followed from them.

It’s okay to be imperfect

I believe in teaching her its ok to be imperfect at times and losing a game will not mark you a failure. she got this feel of getting victory is always prime, even at the society games also while playing with her mates. The best parenting tip I have given her is to accept herself the way she is and strive to become the better version of themselves but never try to imitate someone else. It is completely okay to be imperfect.

Explore and experience Herself
I want her to learn from her own experiences (even if she fails), which surely help her to become a confident and independent person in future by keeping the safety measures understandable before letting her explore new things.

Be her friend

“According to me, every parent should be their daughter’s good friend to help her become a cheerful and confident woman. I believe in taking candid, healthy discussions on different topics on every second day. I am sure it will help my daughter to become a liberal and self-reliant individual in future.
Here I am concluding my blog, requesting all mothers to set an example of working hard whole day before their kids, rather than involving yourself in unusable talks which will practically leave no impact into kids mind. Be a sacrificing mom to raise contended kids!!!!