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Finding Self Before It Gets Too Late!!!!

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Parts of me have changed over the years. But my basic identity has been the same in these many year after I become a mother of two kids- elder one in class- 6th, younger one in class- KG-2. After sending them school, I’ve been figuring out exactly who I am? Till before they admitted into schools, I was heavily engrossed in giving off my daily routine duties for them, that time i never realized what my identity would be once they get away from me? One day this question has jolted me inside and I found myself in a tizzy condition.

When I talk I public, i used to find myself baffled about what exactly to say, since I have been sitting home from couple of years, which unhinged me from myself.

My career as a teacher as a content writer was not finding its ways to bloom, because it has been built on my belief parenting is less about having “happy” children but more about preparing them to be independent, to be competent and enthusiastic about moving into meaningful adult lives. Many a times I pat myself, but sometimes I am also taken aback by the sense of loss I have been paying in the accomplishment of my kids dreams. Where is my own identity?

My Son is mostly grown up showing initial signs of maturity, though daughter is still a bud, but as long as I would wait this bud would turn into a tree, that time i would no longer be able to access myself. I would be, for most part of a welcome visitor, but not an inhabitant in their lives once they grow up.

Fear of a clinical term called as “depression” which was started plunging me inside but before it could seize me completely, luckily I got a work from opportunity opportunity suggested by one of my friend, as a freelance content writer while sitting at home I can earn.

Though earning was not the only motto, but keeping myself constructively busy for rest of my life when kids move on in their own lives had given me an awesome feeling. I am much grateful to my friends and family who supports me to carry on into it which gives me ultimate joy at the end of the day. My Husband being into transferable job and staying in a nuclear family, were the only constraints of me for pursuing a full time job. But perhaps working from home prospect really elated my inner senses and gives me true satisfaction as the day gets over.

In this way my profession tilts toward my head and my kids live in my heart. Our children’s independence is a reminder of how much we had to give and all that we have accomplished. So, before i end up here, I urge my friends to start looking up for some right opportunities, and when your children will be away from you and instead of regretting that time, when there would be no access, start hunting for your passion not for the sake of earning, but giving ways to your hidden dreams. Let’s empower womanhood together by up-lifting other women and recognizing their hurdles!!