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Parmanu: John Abraham’get a new release date!!!!

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The film “Parmanu –produced by John Abraham will be finally hitting the screens on 4th 2018 May throughout the country. Previously Parmanu…” was scheduled to release on December 8 last year. Then its releasing dates were pushed to February 23, 2018 and then to April 6. But now finally it is bound to get its final release on May 4th 2018.

The film, is based on the nuclear tests conducted at Pokhran in 1998, this would be first kind of such movie which would be made over Pokhran Nuclear Testing starring with John, Diana and Boman Irani in a lead role.

Speaking to an interview John told how this script was being brought by Prerna and Arjun, which fascinated me a lot and decided to produce it with KriArj Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. : “In the best interest of the film, we have terminated our contract with KriArj Entertainment Pvt. Ltd issued a statement by John Abraham Entertainment To INAS.