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Sofia-hayat Happy after Salman’s Conviction in the Black- buck Poaching Case!!!

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Sofia Hayat is an actress, model, singer and a former nun who worked for British and Indian projects. Sofiya Hayat who is a British national of Indian descent and an Ex- contestant of Big Boss season 7 has expressed her profound happiness over the conviction given by Jodhpur court on Thursday against Salman Khan.

Whatever you do, karma will follow you. She never gets afraid of saying whatever is right, I am not a people pleaser like all.

In her long Instagram post she has highlighted about the incident of poaching of blackbuck by Salman khan. She said hunting of animals should not be permitted at any cost as they constitute the major fauna of our land. Since Salman has many young followers, what idealistic figure he is imposing on them by killing innocent animals. He has to be punished for his sins, he should not be spared just because he is a celebrity.

He has been offended in the case of drunk and drive in foreign land. And in order to cover up all his iniquities he comes back to his native land and start hiding his offences by throwing humanitarian work more.

She is happy over the yesterday’s hearing and appreciates the Indian law, who has laid an example that law is equal to all whether you are a celebrity or a common man. You have to be punished for the wrong deeds. Many youngsters fall afraid of complaining about the big-wig people since they believe that our law is for them not for the minor ones. As rich community people can buy lawyers, as well as law. But yesterday’s hearing proved it wrong. Now I can proudly say that Indian laws are equal for all irrespective of the class.

Sofiya shared her past experience how she has been made guilty by keeping drugs into my bag by Arman Kohli. And Armaan being at powerful position borrowed my lawyers even, and for which I was sent to jail despite of my innocence. And I had to take my case back due to Armaan’s power.