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Designer Masaba Gupta launches new variations in ‘Sindoor’!!!

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Designer Masaba Gupta, daughter of Neena Gupta and Vivid Richardson signifies sindoor a celebration of womanhood and for some others, it could be an outdated statement women make about their marital status.

Masaba Known for quirky prints her new line is called Burning Garden. Adding Sindoor with modern clothes puts a contemporary and vibrant twist. Sindoor is never an old school concept added in her e-mail to IANS from Mumbai.

She has come up with variations of sindoor which has become a matter of choice by making it look more urban and younger.

Sindoor is a fashion statement, introduction of hot pink is a slight variation over the maroon sindoor. Hot pink also represents the modern Indian woman.

“It’s up to the woman who has to decide whether or not sindoor becomes a part of her daily look said Masab..