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Mandira Bedi Stucks in One Type of Roles Due To Her Hair Style!!!!

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The 45-year-old Multi-talented personality Mandira Bedi started her career on television with the show “Shanti”, where she was playing the role of a progressive woman. Her first Bollywood debut film was “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” though her role was small, but it was iconic.

But soon after her acting has taken a backstage and hosting shows has taken centrestage, she has become a popular cricket show presenter.

The actress says her short hair has limited her multiple role playing capacity due to stereotype game in the filmR industry with regard to her short hairs.

Asking about her hairstyle to be changed for future roles, she denied firmly, why can’t a short-haired lady can play a lover, a mother or a wife? I am all of them.” It is a stereotype that needs to go. Adding to it he said people can’t imagine me in any other roles apart from being a police officer or any negative character.

The actress plays an antagonist character in “Saahoo”, featuring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor.
She has recently completed a Tamil film named “Adangathey” in which she is playing a police officer.