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Body positivity Note By Sushmita Sen!!

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Body positivity is the state in which one completely accepts their body the way it is and continues to work towards a healthier self. Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen advocates the prime philosophy of fitness, body positivity. Her toned midriff is making the round to her instagram account.

She said it can be achieved with regular and serious workout and a super strict diet.

From hard knuckle push-ups to calisthenics, Sushmita’s body is a personification of the fitness regime she follows. Her extracts from Instagram can show you the hard work she must be putting herself through to achieve this lean and fit body.

43 year old actress is breaking all the stereotype of age, challenging age is just a number for achieving strong and sculpted body.

Fortunately she has an athletic body and her fitness regime proves to provide her sculpts in the correct places.

So, lastly she said Achieving a muscular body is not an easy task and requires vigorous training and efforts to attaining it. A fixed and a serious dedication as well as following a discipline routine can help you to achieve a curvy and a lean body!!!