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To Know More Work Out With AC or Without AC!!!!

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The much debatable topic today is should you or should you not work out in air conditioning?
We asked many Gym trainers regarding it. What all reply is – convenience .What matters the most is work out. AC or no AC does not really make a difference.” It is an old school thought to think that one should work out without an AC. The end results won’t vary much”, if proper ventilation is ensured, even they doesn’t mind the AC. But make sure that the air we breathe should not be stale.

India experiences variety of climates ranging from tropical in the south to temperate and in the Himalayan north. In fact, working out without an AC in such hot temperatures is more harmful than working out with one.” For him, if you work out in a temperature that heats up your body too much, you can:

“Sweating more has nothing to do with burning more calories. It simply depends upon the number of sweat pores on your body is what makes you sweat or don’t.” Sweating doesn’t play any role in fitness. It doesn’t increase the metabolism of the body or burn additional calories.

If performing without AC in a hot weather chances of getting heat stroke, are more evident and also you will not be able to perform the same way.

Weight lifters seem to prefer lifting in the AC, they notice they can lift more and more effective at it. This can make you uncomfortable and can loosen your grip.
Without AC-

  • Get breathless and unable to work out properly
  • Unable to work out properly
  • You can’t exert as much as you must because your body is very heated