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5 summer hairdo’s to beat the heat!!!

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As the summer sets in and the sun started baking, it’s time to keep your head cool and wrap your hairs into a comfortable hairstyle.

Forget sweaty and greasy hair this summer with these five awesome hairstyles. These five told hairstyles would be best for beating harsh weather.

If going for a party in these summers and don’t want to let your hairs fall at your shoulders , then you can opt for this tricky hairdo style which is stylish as well as co-operative even for beating such kind of weathers.

Take half of your hair from the front and tie it into a ponytail or bun. This way you can keep your hair off your face and looking still stylish.

For oily hairs, neatly comb your hairs into a high bun for a breezy feel and a more sleeker look.

For thin hairs, this type of hair do can provide you volume . Keep your hair on one side and braid your hair. Later on once the braid is done pull off hairs from both the sides making it more voluminous.

Providing a volume boost to your normal ponytail, you just need to use a root lifter spray on the front and tie a ponytail.

If you don’t want to go for cutting your hairs, then this faux bob hairdo is for you. Make a ponytail and tuck it underneath with bobby pins, giving you a blunds look and pull off your hairs from down giving more breezy look.