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Raising Friendly teenagers!!

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Parenting becomes tricky in this era, when technology has taken over. This generation is more exposed to internet, phones than the previous one, and children specially teenagers become more self- reliant and they do not want anyone’s interference be it of their parents even.

But our duty does not end here, we get more burdened out of it, since the exposure to internet is so much that a child can go off track after receiving knowledge none of his or her age. So, we have to be well informed what is going on their daily lives by becoming their best friends and guide.

Here are certain tips to be followed with right kind of approach and attitude which can build a healthy relationship with your teenage kids.

Setting up flexible rules on times
You cannot be interrogative all the time specially when the kid is in teenage. They will grow as rebellious kids. Give them space to explore things on their own by providing guidelines. Express your concerns and ask questions in a friendly manner. It would make them receptive and understand you better.

Practicing of acceptance
Confessing ones mistake requires a great deal of courage, practice preaching in front of your teenagers and accept your faults humbly. Every member should be honest enough to discuss their faults among their family members without the fear of being getting ridiculed. And this would in turn help your teenage kid to open up whenever he or she needs guidance.

Spending healthy and quality time
Take them out for movies, excursions, holding meaningful discussions, shopping, and engage in activities like cooking, gardening, cycling, swimming etc. together. It would help you to build a friendly equation with them.

Facing opposition
Never force your decision on the teenage kids, just try to show them the logical consequence of an advice. If they do not learn, let them go ahead and learn from their own mistakes rather blaming you when they were forced to agree your decision. Even if they fail at the end, do not reprimand, encourage them to take better and wise decisions from the next time by involving your significant advice.

Here by concluding my article, build trust as their foundation from a young age, so that they never refrain you from sharing their deepest secrets with you without getting the fear of being misunderstood.