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Taapsi Paanu Given Anguish Statement Over Asifa Rape Case In Kathua!!!

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Investigations have revealed that eight people, including the mastermind Sanji Ram, have been charged with abduction, rape and murder of the “Bakerwal” minor in Kathua’s Rasana village, the girl was held in a temple, repeatedly raped and finally murdered to scare the Bakerwal community out of the village.

This incident has not only terrified our political parties but also our celebrities are seeking justice for “Aasifa”. Now.

Everyone remembers Taapsee Pannu’s power- packed performance in ‘Pink’, has also shown her outrage against this Aafifa’s case.

She tweeted now rape is also basis of religion now, don’t we stop encouraging such inhuman acts in our country, requiring stricter laws to prohibit such wildly acts.