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Antje-utgard Raises Mercury With Her Baking pictures!!!!!!!!

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22 year old model Antje-utgard is not that popular but started making into headlines by sharing her bold and sexy pictures over the social media site Instagram.

This showstopper shows off her stunning looks and most glamorous pictures over the social media site making men go weak on their knees. She is the queen of instagram and hooked her fans with her drool- worthy pictures.

Speaking in an interview she confessed that she wanted to become like Kate Upton as she loves her and copy every bit of style of her. She feels honored to be compared with Upton, but have many options in hand to go for.

She left her hometown Vicscosin for hunting her identity in the Hollywood LA and wants to establish herself as a famous actress. She has interest in the Comedy shows and expects her to be the next comedy star.

She hails the title next, next Kate Upton’ from playboy magazine and gift from the Instagram gods from Maxims.