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Humsafar Neha Kakkad and Himanshu Kohli- Watch Video!!

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Rumours of affair between Punjabi singer Neha Kakkad and actor Himanshu Kohli are rounding at the social media site. Both were spotted many a times and were considered more than friends.

Moreover Neha has shared her picture with Himanshu Kohli captioning it- “Humsafar”.

Reports said that it was all done for promotion sake, and now slamming off the curtain from the story with the release of their album song “Humsafar”. Putting full stop to the rumours , that they were not dating each other, but were featuring for the song “Humsfar”.

Full chemistry is visible in the song, in which Himanshu was sitting alone and Neha approached him suddenly. What exactly is going in between Himanshu and Neha is not known.

But speaking to media, Neha admitted the fact that both are very close friends since from the sets of “Yaariyan “when shooted for the song “Saani- Saani”. We have been travelling together for the shoots and spending quality time in between. And silly people have started thinking it otherwise, they have not publicize their relationship so far!!