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Kajol’s Daughter Nayasa Is All Grown up Look for the Glimpses!!

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Time has flown and Bollywood kids are on the forefront, stealing all the limelight from the superstar dads and glamorous moms. Kajol proud mother to two kids – Nysa and Yug, took to her Instagram to post a selfie with her darling daughter.

Couple have always managed to keep their kids away from the snooping eyes of the media. But thanks to social networking platform, which we do get a glimpse of their kids, Yug and Nysa Recently, Kajol took to Instagram to share a picture of herself and her daughter, Nysa. The pretty girl is all grown up, and the mother-daughter duo looks absolutely stunning in their attire. Whether the pretty girl has acting ambitions or not only time will tell.

Bollywood Singhm’s daughter has gradually started making appearance to media and is seen at much ease with the camera lenses. Reportedly it is said she has no interest in acting and would pursue her career into hoteling by becoming a good chef.

Nyasa is always being spotted nowadays either with her dad or mom at some or the other event. She is just 14 and studying in IB United College of South Asia Singapore.