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Should Past Be Discussed With Your Partner?

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Its good heading towards making any relationship of life with a clean slate. Any baffled past experiences which you think might create trouble in the future should be best shared before taking the plunge.

This brings us to the important topic of sexual history—should a person let his or her partner know about their past sexual encounter or encounters? It’s a personal choice. However, many believe it’s a sane idea to talk about your past sex life with your partner before plunging into marriage. Here’s why:

When you will be living under the same roof and probably discuss every topic under the sun, your sexual history topic would surely come up as well. Instead of lying or deciding to keep brush it under the carpet and let the dust of time bury the issue, sharing your past experiences would only put an end to this topic for once and all and make you feel lighter.

Our partner should understand this fact it is okay to have a past, everyone does have be it a sexual or an emotional experience before getting married. Every adult has the right to make choices, there is nothing wrong in dating a person and being in a relationship before marriage.
Moreover, if someone benches you based on your past relationships, you are not at fault here. A lot depends on person’s prospective and his upbringing, which helps you understand the person better.

Sex is beautiful drive after marriage and partner should understand each other’s sexual preferences, likes and dislikes. Let’s be honest what’s the harm in letting the other person know about your life before you met him or her. It will be an indicator of your straightforward and honest nature. And you are ready to leave your past there itself and embrace the life ahead. Being candid and upfront lay the foundation of trust. And we are quite sure if your partner is an understanding partner would surely appreciate your gesture.

Now coming to the other side of the of the story, If your partner start acting in a strange manner after knowing your past, you can consider taking a step back from this relationship. So, it’s better to accept the fact that compatibility might be an issue in the future.

No matter how your partner reacts after knowing about your past, but you should not have any guilty pangs and proud of the fact that you did not keep anything to yourself.