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Sonakshi Sinha’s Headstand Enthralled Onlookers !!

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Bollywood actors look so energetic and fit, but behind this fitness is their 100% dedication followed by their daily work out regime. Celebrities doesn’t attain fit and solid physique at overnight, instead they have to sweat in Gym for long hours under the watch of their trainer, and have to follow a strict diet plan.

Recently actress Sonakshi sinha’s Headstand video go viral over internet, she has hooked many viewers with her drool- worthy video of headstand which she has shared over the social media site.It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to do headstand on their own, but Sonakshi has really made everyone awestruck at her video. Reportedly, it is said this video of Sonakshi can make Baba Ramdev even dumbfound.

Her video is being praised and appreciated at the social media site, which is rounding vibrantly .