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Research based study conducted by Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University, England states clearly that women need more sleep than men. 20-minute extra sleep can make a huge difference to a woman’s happiness levels and well-being.

The two basic reasons behind the same are
Women’s brains needs more recovery time from a similar daily activity than men’s.

While awake, a woman’s brain mostly works harder than a man’s. Now, let us get into the whys and hows.

HORMONAL CHANGES: The hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy and menopause require a woman’s body to take more rest.

BUSIER SCHEDULE: Daily household chores like, child-raising, laundry and cooking are considered to be women’s duties. Multitasking requires higher amount of brain activity, along with usage of more regions of the brain. So, for their brains to recuperate, women need to sleep more than men.
Consequences if sleep patterns are not followed over a period of time:

Exhaustion level escalates: As we all know females are multitasking than man, men can focus on one task at a time, but women can perform multiple tasks during the same time. So their brains need more of blood supply to feed the nerve cells, and hence require more sleep than men. if your brain multitasks, it needs more rest and enough sleep.

Weight gain: Losing weight for men is pretty much easier than females. Lesser sleep leads to release of the stress hormone, cortisol, which makes women prone to anxiety. Hence, getting sufficient sleep is essential for women to maintain their weight.

Raises Anxiety: Women are often considered more emotional and more spontaneous than men. This puts them at a greater risk of developing problems like depression and anxiety. Hence, women are more prone to anxiety that supports the idea of women needing more sleep than men.