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Revealing Bed Room Secrets By Malaika Arora Khan In A Chat Show!!!

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Bollywood actors are getting so candid these days that they never fall back even sharing their bedroom secrets over chat shows, and in interviews. After shahid Kapoor- meera Rajput and Vidya Balan here comes one more who is added in the list- Malaika Arora Khan.

Last month Malaika become the part of BFFs With Vogue along with her sister Amrita Arora into which she took away curtains from her favorite bedroom scenes making onlookers go weak on their knees at her boldness.

Few days ago when Vidya was asked in one of the radio show “ Karan Calling” about her bedroom lights, whether she prefers dim or no light in her bedroom, Vidya replied hesitantly with a smile “dim”.

Karan asked what does she like to have music or candles, she replied both, his third question was what kind of bed sheet you prefer, cotton or silk, she was reddened and said “cotton”, having no idea about the silk and bursted out with. Last fourth question has taken her breath- after the session gets over what does she likes to have green tea, chocolates or one more round? She replied silently “water”.