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Saroj Khan’s Alleged Statement over Casting Couch Trapped Her Into Trouble!!!

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Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan was asked to share her opinion over Telugu actor Sri Reddy’s protest against casting couch at a press event, her reply would make you numb she said” “Ek baat batau ye to chala aa raha hai baba adam ke zamane se.

Har ladki ke upar koi na koi haath saaf karne ki koshish karta hai.Government karti hai , government people do this, then why only industry is blamed for it. (This is not a new thing, which has existed for a long time. Everyone wants to take advantage of girls, including the government).

” Wo to roti to bhi deti hai, rape karke chorr to nahi deti” (The industry also provides livelihood, it does not discard the woman after that.)
It all depends upon women’s wish, if she does not want to be a victim then she won’t be one. If she has art, why would she sell herself? Do not blame exclusively the film industry, it is what provides us our livelihood.”
Ace photographer apologies for making such bizarre statements at the social media over such a sensitive issue.