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Baby Aradhya Becoming Part Of Cannes Festival For The Seventh Time With Mom Aishwarya !!

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be stepping into the Cannes Film Festival for the 17th time this year. Since from past 6 years her daughter is also making a mark along with her for this festival. Both mum- daughter duo is seen over media many a times.

Aradhya is as beautiful as her mother and seems inherited all the mom’s traits as if.

She is a camera friendly kid, who was noticed last year in the Cannes Festival posing confidently to the camera and gradually becoming pro in giving poses to camera.

When Aradhya was just 6months old , she was carried to Cannes Festival in 2012, along with her Grand mom Vrinda Rai.

Aradhya was born on 16th November 2011, and she is the apple of her mom Aishwarya who takes care of every bit of her.

When Aradhya was just 2. 5 year old in 2014 that time also she was looking like a pro in posing camera while accompanying her mom in Cannes Festival.

In 2016 it was 5th time when she accompanied her mom at Cannes festival. She has huge stardom and is getting heavier over his parents and grandparents.

Before two years Aaradhya was not known that she belongs to celebrity family. She was just told that her mother goes to office.

But now she came to know that her grandparents and parents are the celebrities holding a remarkable position in the country. She belongs to an esteemed family. While seeing mom getting ready for the party or any event, she remains snooping about learning make-up tips from mom, but Aishwarya keeps her bay involving her into some other talks. As she growing, her inquisitiveness is also tremendously adding up with her growing age..