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The Most Watched Bhojpuri Song “Palangiya sone na diya by 18 lacs in just 18 hours!!

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Another most likeable cinema falls after bollywood is the Bhojpuri cinema for which people really become crazy sometimes.

It is recently seen after the release of a bhojpuri song “Palangiya sone na diya”featuring over Pawan singh (most loved and famous bhojpuri star) , along with co-actresses-Mani Bhattacharya and amrita acharyafrom the film “wanted”. and the good thing about the song is it is sung by pawan and indu sonali.

This song banged 18 lac viewers in just 18 hours, people are really enjoying its beat and Pawan will be seen in the form of angry young man. From here we can imagine the boom of Bhojpuri cinema among the audience.

After, seeing the obsession of people about the song and movies, it is reportedly said that the movie may be released soon before its slated date.