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Celebs In Support Of One Night Show!!

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One night stand is always a matter of personal choice and here few Bollywood actors who will be confessing it today are as below:

Comedian Krishna and Kashmira Shah

The couple have confessed it that their relationship began from the “one night stand”. Kashmira was always prompt of taking a stand in support of one night stand, Comedeian Krishna said, but however I only took some time to arrive at.
But soon after we both got committed permanently in a socially sanctioned relationship.

Sunny Leone

Former porn actress Sunny Leone said she always supported “one night stand” and I accept it candidly that when I was single I used to go for it. But, now onwards since I have a caring and a loving husband, will never think of it in future.

Ranveer Singh

Bollywood actor Ranveer singh who holds a flirteous image has acknowledged at the show of “Koffee with karan” that he once had experienced one night stand. But now, he is very serious moving ahead in a relation with Deepika Padukone.

Aaditya Roy Kapoor

Bollywood actor given his opinion about over one night stand in an interview with Film fare, though I never had before, but off course if I come across this situation and find a woman wanting it from me, will definitely go ahead. It is all common these days and it is purely one’s own choice.