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Get To Know The Tattoo love Of The Celebrities!!

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The showbiz industry never falls back when it comes to show off, be it in terms of fashion or inking tattoos. These celebrities are always in race of heading each other. Some of them inked Tattoo’s in the love of someone, whereas few inked just for fond sake.
Let us introduce some of the actors who have designed Tattoos on their body parts

Akshay Kumar

Mr. khiladi has inked the tattoo on the shoulders by the name of their wife and kids, tina, aarav and sitara.

Saif Ali Khan

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan has made tattoo by the name of her dear begum Kareena whom he loves dearly.

Hirithik roshan

Bollywood super dancer Hirithik roshan and his wife Susane has a similar star tattoo on the back of their wrist. However, the couple separated last year, but again uniting back in concern of their kid’s wellbeing who want both their parents to stay together.

Susane has changed the design from star to ‘follow your sunshine’, after separating from the actor, but however, Hirithik is still carrying the same “star”.

Deepika Padukone

Bollywood’s most talented actress Deepika Padukone has inked the name of her ex- lover RK- Ranbeer Kapoor on her neck.

Priyanka Chopra

Actress famous for her style and dressing sense Piyanka Chopra has inked the tattoo with the “Daddy’s Little girl “ over her wrist.

Celina Jaitley

Beautiful actress Celina Jaitley who was seen into few films has inked the name of her husband on her finger “peter”, the photo of same is getting viral at the social site.

Emi Jakcson

Emi Jackson has inked the name of her lover “mera pyar mera prateek”. And the same parteek has also get her name inked on her hand” mera pyar meri Emi”

Ajay Devgon

Bollywood stuntman Ajay devgan has inked the name of her daughter “Nyasa “on his back taking inspiration from Akshay Kumar who wrote his son’s name Arav on his back, and apart from writing her daughter’s name, Ajay has also inked “Om”.