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How Digital Media Is Affecting The Relationships?

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It wonders how in the world of digital media when relationships are coming closer, these modern devices are simultaneously putting relationship at risk even.

As per latest Kaspersky Lab study, 55 % of couples have argued about device overuse.
People stay connected with their friends and family, using online messaging services to strengthen their relationship. Enabling them to constantly stay connected and build their relationship even when they are not together.
But, the same can also cause arguments when they are used irresponsibly.

These are some positive aspects that come from using devices as 50% people say their relationship has improved since sharing their online activities, through face book, wats app, twitter etc..

However, there are certain cons that need to be considered, easy access to devices has been a source of friction in relationships among loved ones.
Over use of devices such as Smartphones, i-pads during meal or face-to face conversation has raised the argument issues upto 53%
Forgetfulness, insomnia, irritability are the few results of being too much dependency over such devices which caused disagreement among couples, such as partners argument over forgetting the charging device, loosing devices.

Hereby concluding my blog, by making conscious effort to take care of their digital lives and to not neglect their partners in the physical world, people can enjoy the many benefits!!!