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No One Rapes In The Industry- A bold Statement Given By Raakhi Sawant!!

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Controversial queen Raakhi Sawant once again in buzz for her statement saying “no one can drag you or force you for casting couch without your fair consent. She defended ace Choreographer Saroj Khan who recently got trolled for her bold statement that, “industry provides us livelihood, even if the girls go for casting couch, it is completely their wish they don’t leave you without getting paid, unlike in rape cases”.

Speaking in an interview, Raakhi said nowadays youth is more aware, and materialistic who lives for stuff, and can go to any extent in the hope of getting paid well. So, it is entirely personal choice. Most of the Girls want to be financially independent through anyways, they themselves become victim saying – do whatever you wish to do, but place me at some level, then who is at fault producer or the girls seeking work? Raakhi added.

Telling about her own career, she said during my struggle period, even I underwent the same, but since I had talent, I never give up in life and learnt to say “ No” so came out of it. So, requesting all the strugglers to have patience, use their wisdom and talent to find their ways, they may be late in achieving their dreams, but it is better to fail, than raising yourself by losing honesty and values. She also said to the strugglers never opt for shortcuts!!