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I Am Closer To Salman Than Kareena- Told Karisma Kapoor!!!

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In an entertainment industry, the replacement of heroines happen quite at a faster pace than the heroes. One such example is of salman khan who starts his career as a hero in the industry from 1989 and still working as a hero in main lead in his recent releases like Bajrangi Bhai jaan, Bodyguard etc.

The only difference is replacement of heroine previously he was with Karisma Kapoor in the movies such like- Judwa, Dulhan hum le jayengey, Andaaz apna apna etc,. and now acting with her sister younger sister Kareena in the above mentioned films.

Speaking on this difference, Karisma told Salman still considers Kareena as a kid only, nothing more than it. But we still share the same bond which we were sharing it previously.