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A central idea behind the fitness routine is to combine fun with exercise.

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People worldwide are becoming conscious about the importance of dancercises. The creator of fitness solution Zumba Beto Perez says — it is an important mean by which everyone can lengthen their longevity. Dancercise is the best medicine, creating an environment full of fun and simultaneously people don’t realize how hard they are working and how many calories they are burning out. Instructor should bring the sense of joy in the class, filling the room with zeal and happiness. It is basically a business of fun.

Perez on the fourth edition of Fitex India 2018 Saturday hosted a high-powered masterclass in Greater Noida, to the beats of famed Indian rapper Badshah. He asserted “the level of energy an Indian crowd possess for Zumba is like nowhere else in the world. It is booming and creates employment opportunities for thousands of people,” Perez told IANS in an email interview.

Perez will be collaborating with Badshah before the end of 2018. Zumba includes the various movement like Squats, Martial arts, aerobic techniques which incorporates various genres of music. Zumba is fundament to music those who love, they lose themselves in the moment, which does not feel like they are working out.

48-year-old Columbian said that ‘Bollywood Zumba’ does not formally exist. However, it features some Bollywood-style tracks but it is important that the music is primarily Latin and “Only a properly trained and licensed instructor can deliver the genuine experience.